Fidiger Spa Revisione ed Organizzazione Aziendale, founded in 1970, operates in Italy through its offices in Milan and Rome and has correspondent firms in the main European countries. Fidiger has a staff of about 90 employees providing administrative and bookkeeping services to domestic and international enterprises and companies.


Through an understanding of client requirements, Fidiger guides their choices by supplying integrated services and flexible solutions. Fidiger’s working teams, specialized in the industrial, commercial, real estate, financial, insurance and banking sectors, offer a full range of administrative and accounting services, including the following:

  • 001
    Accounting and administrative assistance
  • 002
    Assistance with the implementation and management of industrial cost accounting
  • 003
  • 004
  • 005
    Assistance with the preparation of year-end and interim financial statements, including pursuant to IFRS
  • 006
    Preparation of the year-end accounts and periodical reporting under local GAAPs, IAS/IFRS and US GAAPs
  • 007
    Assistance with the preparation of consolidated financial statements
  • 008
    Corporate organization and accounting audit services pursuant to law no. 1966 of 23 November 1939 and Royal decree no. 531 of 22 April 1940. Administrative compliance services
  • 009
    Assistance with the preparation of tax returns
  • 010
    Business valuations
  • 011
    Analysis and evaluation of accounting and administrative procedures
  • 012
    Analysis of the internal control system
  • 013
    Risk management services
  • 014
    Administrative due diligence reviews
  • 015
    Arbitration assistance in administrative and valuation issues
  • 016
    Revision of procedures, including EDP procedures
  • 017
    Opening and management of certified e-mail accounts
  • 018
    Formalities in connection with notifications to the Italian tax register
  • 019
    Anti-money laundering compliance work
  • 020
    Administrative secondment activities
  • 021
    Professional technical translation services
  • 022
    Administrative and accounting outsourcing services
  • 023
    Internal audit services
  • 024
    Assistance with Privacy compliance obligations
  • 025
    Client staff training
  • 026
    Assistance with the selection and technical assessment of administrative staff
  • 027
    Accounting Compliance and Fraud Investigation services
  • 028
    Support to corporate reorganization transactions
  • 029
    Accounting support in litigation proceedings
  • 030
    Services in respect of e-invoice management
  • 031
    Electronic filing of documents
  • 032
    Assistance with pre-litigation debt recovery activities


Fidiger S.p.A. is certified to ISO 27001:2017 in accordance with international standards defining the requirements for establishing and managing an information security management system. A prudent use of the IT systems is a primary goal of our organization, to ensure best protection of the data contained therein that are processed and is a basic asset to ensure high quality services. Fidiger S.p.A. is certified to ISO 9001:2015, a standard that specifies the requirements of a Quality Management System, enabling the Organisation to regularly provide services that meet both client requirements and the applicable mandatory requirements. Fidiger S.p.A. is authorized to carry out corporate organization and audit pursuant to Act no. 1966 of 23 November 1939 and Royal Decree no. 531 of 22 April 1940 and is therefore subject to the supervision of the Ministry of Economic Development – Industrial Policy and Protection; the annual accounts of Fidiger S.p.A. are in turn audited. Fidiger S.p.A.’s corporate culture is also based on integrity and respect, values that are the basis for the Code of Conduct and of the Organisational, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231 of 8 June 2001 adopted by Fidiger S.p.A.


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    20124 Milano

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    FAX +39 02 66759301
    EMAIL info@fidiger.it


    0185 Roma

    TEL +39 06 5717281
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